Restaurant Marketing


Our marketing services focus on helping new and existing restaurants to reach new customers, help new customers become regular customers, and encourage regular customers to spread the word about your food.

Here are the marketing services we can provide for your restaurant:

Restaurant Marketing Strategy

Our assessment and consultation will cover the entire spectrum of your customer’s experience at your restaurant:

  • Ambiance and Décor

    A customer’s first impression is key. Everything from lighting, music, decor, and furniture placement, will influence the audience you are trying to attract and the level of satisfaction of their experience.

  • Customer Service

    Why are your online reviews not up to your standard? It’s crucial to invest in training a lean team of top-notch employees.

  • Food

    Creativity. Flavour. Presentation. I work with your chef on any adjustments needed in recipe development, flavour pairings, and artistic presentation.

  • Costing

    Food costs and staffing costs are the two pillars of the business that restauranteurs often forget to be conscientious of.

  • Menu Design & Pricing Strategies

    Where do you slot your most expensive dish? How do you guide the customer’s eye to order the items you want without focusing on price? Is it better to offer half size portions? There is a lot of psychology behind menu design that can influence ordering habits. It’s quite fascinating.

Event Storytelling

Organizing events and inviting influencers can be a great way to promote and market your restaurant. We help restaurants design the event, create a compelling menu, craft the story that is told, invite food bloggers, influencers, and potential partners, and guide the guests to make use of their social influence to tell the story of your restaurant and promote your food. Through running a high impact storytelling themed event, tens of thousands of new people can be introduced to your restaurant.

As a social business, we also specialize in designing and executing themed events for charities to make the experience more memorable for diners, and inspire loyalty from donors. See our past work.

Promotional Videos

In partnership with Wakefield Productions, we specialize in crafting videos that win customer loyalty to your restaurant. Wakefield Productions specializes in using emotive storytelling and technical artistry to connect your message to the hearts of your audience, turning viewers into brand loyalist.

Video storytelling is an incredibly powerful tool to highlight the uniqueness of your cuisine, inspire hearts with your passion, and pique the interest of new customers.

Contact us if you’re interested in knowing more.

Partnership Outreach

Food Connections can help you develop strategic partnerships with organizations and groups to help grow your business. This would include identifying potential partners, finding win-win scenarios, and approaching the partners with an attractive proposal.

Targeted Marketing

We can help your restaurant establish niche branding and create appropriate marketing channels to reach your target audiences. Some examples we’ve done in the past are targeting corporate offices, non-profits, healthcare facilities, schools, local residents, and health conscious individuals and community groups (vegetarian, gluten-free, low fat, etc.)


1. Schedule a Meeting
Tell us about your business story, vision, short and long term goals, and the current challenges you face. We can tell you about our services and explore how we can serve you.

2. Proposal
We’ll write a proposal for you to consider, which includes the services we propose tailored specifically to the needs you’ve identified, a schedule, and a budget.

3. Get to Work
Our team will provide the marketing services proposed and report the results.