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Do you want to provide more value to your health conscious customers?

Do you want to stand out amongst your competitors as a leader in health and nutrition?

Nutrition labelling will become mandatory on all food products in Canada in the coming years.  Make sure you are compliant so you don’t risk your business shutting down.

Restaurants realize that customers, now more than ever, want to know what’s in their food.

Food Connections will do what’s necessary to help you stay compliant by providing you with accurate CFIA approved nutrition analysis on your products, and be the point of contact for any inquiries regarding the nutritional information for your business.


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Nutrition labels help Canadians make healthy food choices by communicating the nutritional value of a food. Since 2007, nutrition labelling has become mandatory on all prepackaged foods.

Restaurants are not required to have nutrition labels for their menu items, but many are starting to do this to expand their services to new customers.

Our goal is to make it easier for customers to understand what they are eating.


Recipe Nutrition Consulting

We provide consultation for how to improve the nutritional value of existing menu items.

We also specialize in creating nutritionist-approved health claims to brand and promote your specific menu items.

Restaurants and food companies want to add nutrition labelling to:

  • Attract health-conscious customers
    (ie. dietary restrictions, fitness and training)
  • Make their menus look more professional and trustworthy
  • Gain customer loyalty through transparency and helping them eat better

A Goverment-certified Standard Nutrition label include:

  • The Nutrition Facts table, which includes information about calories, 13 core nutrients, and the % of daily value of nutrients
  • Ingredient List

The Canadian government, through the CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency), says this about nutrition labelling: “The Food and Drug Regulations state that the Nutrition Facts Table (NFT) is mandatory for most prepackaged foods. Clear, uniform information supports consumers in making informed food choices toward healthy eating goals. Canadians need nutrition information to permit dietary management of chronic diseases of public health significance, and to help them make food choices that may reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases.”


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How It Works

To create the nutrition analysis, we need your business to send us your recipes with standardized menu items. We will also need photos of the supplier labels in your ingredients. Manufacturer nutrition labels take approx 1-2 weeks turnover, while restaurant menu analysis can take 1-3 months, depending on the number of menu items.

Once the analysis is complete, we meet with the business owner or head chef to go through the results. To complete the process, we provide digital versions of the nutrition labels for your business to use.