We help businesses start, grow, and navigate through the food industry. We offer one-on-one consulting and workshops for entrepreneurs looking for guidance in their business journey.

We understand the entrepreneurial journey can be overwhelming, and we are here to guide you through the challenges you encounter as you start and grow your business. We will customize our services to fit your unique business needs. 

Receive immediate and direct help so you can maneuver your way quickly through the industry. With our extensive network of connections in the industry, our goal is to help you reduce cost and increase exposure.

Our Services

Pre-startup Consulting

Starting up a new food business can seem overwhelming. We provide you with a checklist of essentials and first steps to get you started. We help you flush out your ideas into a viable product that can meet the demands of your customers, lay out the expectations on securing your financials, set goals and timelines for your business launch, and point you in the right direction with our network of experts and partners.

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"Finding a mentor/advisor in the food industry can provide you with valuable insights into starting and running a food business that can potentially save you from costly mistakes." Small Business BC


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    Our Team

    Elaine Cheng

    As Founder of Food Connections and the Director of Food Business Strategy, Elaine's motto is to use creative strategies to maximize profitability. She is known for her extensive network of connections in the food industry, her culinary and marketing expertise, and the way she cares deeply about each of her clients.

    Tiffany Shen

    Tiffany is well known in the food startup industry as an experienced consultant and coach. As an entrepreneur of her own food business, she has conquered through all the hurdles from startup to scaling growth. Her passion in helping others become successful stems from her love to create, empower, and build community.

    Rachel Wong

    Rachel specializes in designing and implementing food safety plans for food production plants, and ensuring federal regulations are met for food quality and labelling. She is known for being detail-oriented in delivering results. She handles all inquiries related to labelling and regulatory compliance review for our clients.

    Sarah Goble

    With a Sustainable Business Leadership background and years of experience working in the local food and retail space, Sarah is passionate about helping the business development of entrepreneurs and making positive changes in our food system, highlighting the value of under-utilized resources.