Food Business Consulting


“Finding a mentor/advisor in the food industry can provide you with valuable insights into starting and running a food business that can potentially save you from costly mistakes.”
- Small Business BC

We help businesses start, grow, and navigate through the food industry

We understand the entrepreneurial journey can be overwhelming, and we are here to guide you through the challenges you encounter as you start and grow your business. We will customize our services to fit your unique business needs.

Receive immediate and direct help so you can maneuver your way quickly through the industry. With our extensive network of connections in the industry, our goal is to help you reduce cost and increase exposure.

We offer one-on-one consulting and workshops for entrepreneurs looking for guidance in their business journey, whether you're in the pre-startup stage, early stage, or growth and scale stage of your business.

Pre-startup Consulting
  • Business startup first steps - Get started quickly with essentials
  • Ideation - flush out (business road-map test, feasibility study)
  • Capacity Scan - Do you have enough cash flow and life stability to thrive through the high stress, low margin startup phase?
  • Identify machinery needs
  • Setting milestones of short and long term goals, establish accountability
  • Strengths and skills assessment
  • Network of connections and contacts
  • Checklist of “needs” to get started: Food Safety Plan, Business Licenses, etc.
Market Research
  • Find out if your product fits the demands of your target customer
  • Discover who your customers are
  • Reveal who your competitors are and strategize how to stand out
  • Learn how to work with the right suppliers
  • Decrease costs with negotiation strategies
  • Increase efficiency by optimizing your manufacturing process
  • Ensure you are Food Safe compliant
Product Development
  • Receive feedback on product acceptance in the market
  • Receive help with scaling your recipes and product line offerings
Labelling Compliance
  • Packaging Review – Nutritional Facts, industry packaging requirement
  • English/French labelling compliant design and redesign
Nutrition Analysis & Labels
  • Reach health-conscious customers (ie. dietary restrictions, fitness and training)
  • Make your menus look more professional
  • Educate customers about the nutrition in their food and help them eat better
  • Learn more at our Nutrition Labeling Page
Business Strategy & Sales
  • Unlock the right sales opportunities for your business
  • Learn how to sell
  • Perfect your sales pitch
  • Build your pricing to work for you
  • Find your target customers
  • Learn to develop strategic business partnership opportunities
  • Execute appropriate social influencer marketing campaigns
  • Guidance on effective packaging and branding design
  • Learn how to work with the right copackers
  • Optimize your manufacturing flow
  • Build your Standard Operations Procedures
  • Learn how and when to work with brokers and distributors

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