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Past events

Feeding the 5000 – May 27th

On May 27th, Food Connections organized the biggest FREE LUNCH in Canada! Five thousand Vancouverites were fed on $0, all using food that would’ve been forgotten or wasted. Feeding the 5000 is a worldwide campaigning event that started in the UK to shine a light on the global food waste scandal. This spectacular communal feast featured a surprise 5-course menu prepared by culinary students and serve 6000 portions of delicious food to the public. Everything was made from fresh food that would otherwise have been wasted due to surplus ordering or aesthetic marketing standards. See more…

Re-plated Dinner Event – Nov 18th

Re-plated was a follow-up event to Feeding the 5000 which featured an elegant evening of storytelling and gourmet “upcycled” dining. We Re-plated and Re-purposed what we normally consider as trash. Our guests took away new ideas to use parts of ingredients they never thought could be used, learned creative recipes and insider tips on how to prolong the shelf-life of groceries. See more…

Food Connections organized city-wide events to highlight the alarming fact that 40% of food we produce in Canada is thrown into the trash.

DinnerPartyYVR Storytelling Fundraiser

Journey with us as we tell the story of the water crisis, the tragedy, the opportunity, and the sweetness of clean water. Through this evening, diners are given the opportunity to be involved in restoring the right and dignity to safe water around the world. Clean water is a simple basic necessity for human development, but also something we take for granted so easily here in Vancouver. Give water, give life. See more…