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Food Consultancy Services

Want to launch a new food product or take your food business to a new level?
Food Connections would love to help you out and offer solutions specific to your product.

  • Increase your profit margin
  • Strategic marketing to increase customers
  • Develop exceptional flavours in your recipes

With many years of experience in the food business and expertise in food marketing communications and procurement with the growing food culture, you’ll find Elaine chatting up artisans at the local farmer’s markets offering them recipe ideas and marketing strategies to help their business become more successful. We hate to see a great product struggle in the business and will do everything we can to make it shine with popularity like it deserves. We consult both corporate businesses and food start-ups.


Product Consulting

… Food & Beverage Concept Development & New Flavour Ideation

  • iStock_Skim.Milk.Food.Label_WEB.000015760658XSmallBusiness & Marketing Strategies
  • Guidance in telling your Story and Vision
  • Create focus and niche for your product
  • Explore a financially viable plan to move forward
  • Recipe development and flavour testing, writing and standardization of clients existing recipes
  • Procurement and cost-effective quality ingredient sourcing
  • Direction for next steps in package design, marketing, production, manufacturers, etc.
  • Nutrition Labelling (generate CFIA compliant nutrition product label, pdf-ready)
  • Step-By-Step Guidance in obtaining Permit of Approval for Temporary Food Market Application
  • Complete Lab Testing results on your products for submission to Health Authority

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Is nutrition a highlight of your product?

We create FDA & USDA approved health claims for your products.
Elaine works as the nutritionist for COBS Bread.


Grocery & Homemade Meal Delivery Packages

“Eating healthy isn’t expensive. Eating healthy pre-packaged meals are.”

In a city that thrives in food and health trends, yet values convenience and efficiency, it can be difficult to manage full time work, priorities, responsibilities, and cooking healthy at home. Lets be realistic, grocery shopping, parking, and cooking from scratch takes too much time. We strive to make your lives easier.

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