What is your relationship to food?


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What is your relationship to food?

I can’t believe it’s actually happening.
In 1 week, Vancouver is going to be shaken – they will be taking a different look at their relationship to food.

10 months ago, it started with my impulsive 3am email to celebrity Tristram Stuart about the crazy idea to bring this movement to Canada.
10 months later, with much ups and downs, we are making it happen.

Feeding the 5000. Jesus fed 5000 people with five loaves of bread and two fishes. We are feeding 5000 people on zero dollars – a task none other than miraculous provision.

Food waste facts are alarming. We live in a society of abundance where 40% of the food produced gets thrown out. On the one hand, we try and feed the poor; on the other, we throw away food.

How do we become better stewards of our resources, to make the most out of what we have?

What would this world look like without food waste? WIll our society look different? Will there be less starving people? Will we learn to be grateful for food choice – the one most common thing we take for granted?

After coming back from the third world villages of Guatemala and witnessing what food scarcity looks like with my own eyes and what food choice means to them, I began to appreciate their relationship with food – something unique that our society has lost.

Our relationship with food affects our relationship with people. It affects our freedom to be generous, our interaction and respect for those growing our food. Ultimately, it affects the way we choose to live our lives, since food choice is so interwoven into our being. 

Feeding the 5000 teaches us how to multiply, be generous, have faith and think outside the box with what we believe is scarcity. When what we have, is in fact, abundance.

“Gather the pieces that are left over. Let nothing be wasted.” (John 6:12).

Join us in transforming the way our city looks at food.

May 27th @ Vancouver Art Gallery. Feeding the 5000 (metro) Vancouver.